Artisan Cloth

Woven In The Bone


In a world of mass production and homogenized culture there are those who appreciate craftsmanship, provenance and individuality.

Cloth has held meaning for humans since the beginnings of civilisation. Scottish textiles have a tradition of connecting people to a place or other people through the use of colour and pattern. Rare indeed is a product which can provide for the basic human needs of warmth, comfort and protection and yet give so much more.

Cloth to connect with

With 30 years experience of textile design and woven cloth production, Sam Goates has established her own micro weaving mill on the Moray Firth coast, initially working alone, but now with help from her sister. Woven In The Bone produces a range of cloth qualities, all made with care, skill and patience using vintage machinery and foot-treadle looms. Selling their cloth to iconic tailors on Savile Row as well as exporting around the world, Woven In The Bone has attracted interest both from individuals seeking unique, handcrafted cloth as well as businesses championing British wool and transparency of production and provinence.