The Wedding Service

Are you making wedding plans?

One of the hardest hit, yet rarely covered sectors affected in this global health crisis is the wedding industry. With a direct link to all businesses on Savile Row, the past year has witnessed many couples regrettably postponing arrangements from last summers original plans.
However, 2022 is looking up. Sure, the pandemic may not be over but here in the UK the vaccine program has been an unbridled success, lockdown is slowly being lifted and the promise of a normal summer is looking not that implausible. That means we’ll actually have social events to dress up for, and one occasion above all that sits proudly at the top of our summer wish list; a good old summer wedding!!
The fact that we’ve all had zero social events to attend over the past year, it’s only natural that the tailoring section of our wardrobe’s are due update. Here at Andrew Black our team are experts in creating tailor-made garments for all occasions, whether it’s a classic Morning Suit for the groom and family, a Tuxedo for a black tie evening reception, or a lightweight linen/silk/wool blend for a more alternative tropical ceremony. We will be delighted to help make you look and feel as elegant as the day warrants. If you’re just starting to plan, then now is the perfect time to commission your bespoke wedding attire for what we are expecting to be a very busy wedding season. 
Please contact us to arrange a consultation either in our showroom, via video conference, or over the telephone. We look forward to helping you to take care of one less thing at such a busy time. 

The Glorious Twelfth


With the Glorious Twelfth rapidly approaching, now is the time to think about upgrading your shooting wardrobe. Whether it’s the start of the shooting season or the correct attire for a fox hunt, our years of experience working with Bernard Weatherill on Savile Row make us the ideal choice if your looking to make a new bespoke commission. We’d be more than happy to discuss the intricacies of a classic shooting suit or if you wanted to repair or renew old favourite garments, our team is here to help. 

Please contact us to arrange a consultation should you want to discover more about shooting suits or country pursuits at Andrew Black. Whether it’s in our showroom, via video conference, or over the telephone, please contact us at to book an appointment.


Coming soon

We are delighted to announce our up-coming capsule collection consisting of soft tailored, unstructured jackets using 100% Bamboo all handmade in the UK.

Bamboo might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re contemplating ordering bespoke on Savile Row, but for an increasing number of our clients this soft, breathable fabric makes a fantastic alternative to wool. 

Andrew Black Sustainable Fabric Bamboo

All our bamboo cloth is supplied by West Yorkshire based Huddersfield Fine Worsted, although the new Naturals Collection from Dormeuil is always a quality alternative.

Bamboo is proving to be a favourite with the ever growing vegan community, over the years I’ve had the pleasure of styling actor and vegan ambassador Benedict Cumberbatch for awards ceremonies, premiers etc. See my Instagram andrewblack_official for further details.

Our in-house tailors are continuing to take Bespoke and Made to Measure appointments, please contact for further details. 

Green Recovery

Investing in yourself is all part of the Green Recovery. By purchasing an Andrew Black suit you are not only investing in yourself but in techniques and craftsmanship that have been passed down for generations. We believe one of the most powerful things we can do in the face of the climate emergency is to carefully choose what we purchase. Everyday we make choices when we spend, we can either support businesses who further contribute to the crisis or we can support businesses who are being diligent, with a focus on sustainability. 

At Andrew Black we are advocates of slow, conscious and mindful purchasing. We are the antidote to the throwaway culture, our focus is ensuring you invest in quality, versatility and longevity.
The mixed messaging around sustainable fashion can lead to confusion when it comes to future investment in luxury clothing. We admit it can be a bit overwhelming, but let us explain why bespoke tailoring is the best way to attain a sustainable wardrobe. Using the finest natural and high quality cloths, we can ensure that your tailoring stands the test of time. Natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp and organic cotton as well as wool can be farmed in an ethical way, creating less chemical pollution compared to mass produced garments. 

By creating on a made-to-order basis, we eliminate waste from our business and tackle overproduction and overconsumption head on. Every garment you see in our showroom has been made from scratch for each individual client. No wholesale, No burning of old stock, No massive margins. The longevity of each garment is always a priority of ours, we want you to enjoy our suits for many years to come. We take pride in being an eco-friendly Savile Row house, our ethos is to focus on sustainable, handmade garments combining traditional bespoke methods with a fresh contemporary vision. Together we are moving the needle, one stitch at a time. 

USA Trunk Show

Our next visit to the USA will commence in New York on June 16th. To book an appointment contact

We will be visiting:

New York City

The Carlyle Hotel

Thursday 16th – Monday 20th June

San Francisco
Intercontinental Hotel
Wednesday 22nd – Friday 24th June

Los Angeles
Chateau Marmont

Monday 27th – Wednesday 29th June

Woven In The Bone


In a world of mass production and homogenized culture there are those who appreciate craftsmanship, provenance and individuality.

Cloth has held meaning for humans since the beginnings of civilisation. Scottish textiles have a tradition of connecting people to a place or other people through the use of colour and pattern. Rare indeed is a product which can provide for the basic human needs of warmth, comfort and protection and yet give so much more.

Cloth to connect with

With 30 years experience of textile design and woven cloth production, Sam Goates has established her own micro weaving mill on the Moray Firth coast, initially working alone, but now with help from her sister. Woven In The Bone produces a range of cloth qualities, all made with care, skill and patience using vintage machinery and foot-treadle looms. Selling their cloth to iconic tailors on Savile Row as well as exporting around the world, Woven In The Bone has attracted interest both from individuals seeking unique, handcrafted cloth as well as businesses championing British wool and transparency of production and provinence.